Centre Sportif St-Eustache offers guests swimming lessons for children and adults. Whether for fun, learn to swim, overcome a fear, our wide selection of courses to suit all your needs. In addition, our team of experienced instructors carefully concocted the most vibrant and safe lessons.


This program as 5 levels for infants, toddlers and their parents. The focus is on explore water, water safety and swimming basic techniques.

Duck : With parent, children 6 months to 24 months (30 minutes)

Frog : With parent, children 24 months to 3 years (30 minutes)
Fish : With parent, children aged 3 to 4 years (30 minutes)
Dolphin : The first 3 courses with a parent, children 4 years old (45 minutes)
Shark : Must have passed the Dolphin swim alone or in small dog, children 4 ½ years (45 minutes)


The Little Swimmers program (50 minutes) and swimmers (55 minutes) is available for children 5 years and older. It is composed of eight successive levels that provide rigorous preparation for the lifeguard course, for training or just for fun.

Little Swimmer 3 : Successful completion Shark or equivalent, children at least 5 years

Little Swimmer 4 : Successful completion of the Little Swimmer 3
Swimmer 5 : Successful completion of the Little Swimmer 4
6-7 swimmer : Having passed the Swimmer 5, children at least 7 years
Swimmer 8 : Successful completion Swimmer 7
9-10 swimmer : Must have passed the Swimmer 8


A private session course lasts 8 weeks and lessons lasting 30 minutes each. During these, the student is alone with the monitor, thus allowing him to learn faster since the courses are tailored to the person who follows.

Availability: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Why private lessons?

Prepare to the lifeguard course
Overcoming a fear of water
Perfect techniques
Learning to swim
Develop endurance
Faster progress over the levels
Failed to complete a level

For more information, contact
the aquatic office
(450) 623-6400 # 2233