Prenatal and Postnatal


This course combines cardiovascular and strength exercises in the sound of a rhythmical music. We offer to conscious moms a way to regain or to maintain good physical condition, and the chance to share this moment with baby. The use of the carrier during the course intensifies the bond between mother and infant while adding an additional energy expenditure. * Infants older than 2 months *


Developed for mothers that are more than 3 months pregnant, this course provides cardiovascular exercise and stretching to facilitate childbirth.


During this course, you will practice various postures to release tensions. Breathing exercises, visualization and deep relaxation you will also be offered, since the latter will be useful throughout your pregnancy. Yoga helps reinforce the abdominal muscles to relax the pelvic floor muscles and promotes the opening of the basin for childbirth.


For the new mom who wants to get in shape, this course combined the fun with the functional by allowing you to take a course in aerobics while being together with your baby. He will be installed comfortably in an aquatic stroller for an enjoyable moment. An hour of fun together with baby! * Infants over 5 months *


Created for mom and baby, this form of yoga is focused on the game, relaxation as well as relaxation to help the new mother to regain muscle strength and flexibility. In addition to recharge your energy, you will have the opportunity to use devices such as balloons, carpets and elastic straps.