It is our pride to propose a large variety of classes; our qualified instructors will provide you with a great deal of motivation!

Whether you’re looking for Zumba, Step, “Fesses de fer”, Yoga, or Stretching, you’ll find all of them and more within our schedule.

You like exercise in a group in a lively musical atmosphere, aerobic is what you need!

In the morning or in the evening, you will stumble upon a class that fits you. See our schedule.

You know what ? You can try them all!

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Description of the aerobics

Abdos et fessiers d’enfer
Workout aiming on weight loss and muscle tone concentrated on abdominals and buttocks. The class will end with stretchings.

Cardio groove
Cardio workout using dynamic choreographies on varied styles of music followed by muscular exercises.

Cardio groove +
Cardio workout using dynamic choreographies on varied styles of music followed by muscular and cardio intervals.

Cardio intervalles
Aerobic cardio workout with sprint periods. Also add muscular exercises and stretchings to complete the class.

Circuit aérobie
Simple cardio workout adapted to each and everyone, made in the form of stations, improving cardio, endurance and muscle tone. Varied class every week. Varied class every week.

Mise en forme 50 + et étirements
This course is designed for participants concerned with maintaining a healthy joint and muscle. It starts with a slow warm-up or aerobic. You will learn how to use devices such as the ball, rubber bands as well as the weights in order to develop a good knowledge of the body. The last part of the course will focus on stretching to improve your flexibility.

New body
This course aims to work stamina and muscle tone. All parts of the body will be solicited, without exception, to burning fat and increase your muscle mass.

This course helps to rebalance the muscles of the body focusing on the major muscles involved in balance and the maintenance of the spine, all adapted to the rhythm of breathing.

This course is a merger of the pilates and yoga. High intensity training – low impact for a new way to increase your strength, flexibility and endurance. As you progress through one fluid movement to another without rest, you will maintain an optimal heart rate to burn calories during all training.

Step + musculation
Cardio workout using steps, followed of a part of strength training to improve muscle tone.

This low-intensity course aims to improve your flexibility while releasing muscle tension.

Strong by Zumba
Move in time with the music in this high intensity interval training. Using the weight of your body, you will improve endurance, toning, and appearance of your muscles.

Super trio
Full cardio workout including part of aerobics, step, and muscular exercises. At the end of this course, you will have a period of stretching and relaxation. This course works all the cardio, muscle tone and endurance.

Yin yoga flow
Course that fits everyone’s needs and characterized by sequences of postures of yoga with changes made at a gentle pace and postures held for a few minutes, focusing on long stretches. Combined with a slow and deep breathing, this course prepares to sleep through the rest and the relaxation.

Yoga 50 ans +
This course is intended for a clientele of 50 years and olderwho wants to relax and doze off gently. This course has a beneficial effect on flexibility, breathing, postural and muscle tone.

Zumba is a fusion of different dance styles (latino, hip hop, etc) based on intervals and resistance in order to maximise your workout. A real dance party for a big bunch of fun !

Zumba toning et piyo
When it comes to sculpt your body, zumba toning put the bar very high. This course combines strength and cardio exercises with movements of zumba fitness, inspired by the latin culture, to create a fitness dance party, which burn calories and develop your muscles.