KINHITT was born with the association of Kinesis and HIIT circuit.

Semi-private training to maximize your time!

Kinesis® Class creates a unique and powerful bond between class members with the same wellness goals.
The Kinesis® system enables you to create a deep and lasting commitment to your facility reaching a wide range of customers.
The Kinesis system is a new way to move. The objective is to re-establish the perfect balance between body and mind through movement to improve our quality of life. Kinesis provides a workout in 3 dimensions in all planes and angles.

Training with the kinesis station

Training with the kinesis station seeks more muscles in one movement which promotes:
Balance and stability
Energy expenditure 30% higher than a traditional drive

This training is ideal for

the improvement of your athletic performance
beginner to expert fitness levels
recovering from an injury
a quick workout
The drive is always under the supervision of a qualified coach in a small group dynamic.
Kinesis, the ideal choice to maximize time, motivation and results.

The HIIT circuit

This training in a small group in the form of a coach-guided tours promises excellent results. It is recognized that the high intensity interval training quickly improve your cardio. You are eager to maximize your results in a minimum of time, the HIIT circuit is what you need !