Dominic Leduc D.O.
Graduated in physical rehabilitation

Office: 450 623-6400
Mobile: 514.995.7862


Osteopathy is a strictly manual medical practice aimed at restoring the functions of all structures (bones, muscles, nerve, fascia, organs, etc…) and systems (musculoskeletal, glandular, digestive, etc…) of the human body. Its purpose is to stimulate the body’s capacity for self-regulation.

The effectiveness of its techniques is based on extensive understanding of the health sciences and the specific interactions that maintain homeostasis (balance within the organism).

Thorough and precise palpation (manual examination) allow for complete investigation of the possible causes of neuromuscular, skeletal, visceral and cranial dysfunction.

Whether preventative or reparative, the concept of osteopathy is notable for its focus on individualized treatment.

Hour osteopath M. Dominic Leduc will welcome you!

Mr. Leduc have 20 year’s of experience has a therapist. He graduated from the Centre Ostéopathique du Québec and is a member of Ostéopathie Québec. He have been a great asset for our center concerning all kind of injury since 2012.